Cut Orchid Orchid Grower & Orchid Exporter

We are a orchid grower and floral exporter located in Thailand. We grow orchid in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang mai. All our Our nursery are focus in the production of fresh cut orchid but we also offer other floral product such as Mokara, Dendrobium, Aranthera, Oncidium, Vanda, Anthurium, Bamboo, Dracena, Leaf, Heliconia, Tropical flowers, Green and Plants.
Our team is constantly improving the quality of our plant. Our orchid lab are focus on the development of new orchid hybrid  with longer vase life and bigger blooms. Our Packing house is open 24 hours and 7 days per week. We can procure you all the floral product from Thailand and will be the only source your need. Feel free to contact our customer services if you desire to visit our Thai farms and see the Thai orchid quality.

We know your time is valuable therefore we have many videos , photos and articles about our company.

  • We have control over the whole post-harvest and packaging process . Its will be our pleasure to organize your orders in any way you desires.
  • Hello, we are the largest grower/exporter of flowers from Thailand.
  • We offer offer 74 varieties of Dendrobium, 31 varieties of Mokara, 2 varieties of Oncidium, 5 colors of Phalanopsis, 24 varieties of Vanda, 5 varieties of Aranthera, 17 colors of Siam Tulips, Cymbidium Orchid , 15 varieties Leaf, tropical flowers and Bamboo.

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69 varieties of Dendrobium , 24 varieties of Mokara , 2 varieties of Oncidium , 5 colours of Phalanopsis , 12 varieties of Vanda ,5 varieties of Aranthera , 17 colours of Siam Tulips , Cymbidium Orchid , tropical flowers and Bamboo .

What we do?

We are a grower/exporter of orchid/plant from Thailand.

Orchid assortment

We love orchids assortments , if you need help for a presentation let us know.


We speak French, English, Thai, Hebrew, Filipino and Japanese.

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All we want is to help you increase your sales of flowers from Thailand.

Costumer Services 100%
Consistency 90%
Quality 92%
Availability 95%
Diversity 100%


  • "I am a small wholesalers and with the help of Joel i was able to clearly understand how to import flowers from Thailand. Few weeks after we started i was able to double my weekly orders."
    John W.
  • "Before working with CutOrchid, I  had to use 3 exporters to supply my Valentine rush. I found it much easier to give all my business to CutOrchid."
    Anne F.
  • "I really don't know when theses guys sleeps, i just don't understand how they always manage to be available on Skype or by phone."
    Richard G.
  • ''I have been importing flowers from Thailand for more than 15 years , i think Tzvika is the only person with the necessary contact to have a shipment living Thailand in less than 8 hours .Thanks again Tzvika . "
    Gorge L.